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Default SonicX: Dark Storm

Yes, it is a Sonic fan fiction. Yes, it takes place after the final episode of SonicX. No, I did not see the final episode, but I pretty much know what happened. And yes, it will have my made up character in there, and Huwing named Cami. I'll find a way for her to have flashbacks so you know her history...Tragic, it is...

This is just a basic summary. I do not have it written, it's all crammed in my head. Very painful, by the way!
If you could give me a review, like point out falts, that would be appreciated. This will be my first fan fiction (I have one started on Neopets, but it's more focused on Cami. I'm halfway through Chapter 2) so, I know there will be problems.

Everything is peaceful, both on Earth and Sonic's planet. Chris was able to make it back to his home, safe and sound. Tails is still rattled from Cosmo's death, and the fate of Cami and Shadow is still yet unknown. However, an enemy threatens to shatter the tranquility, an enemy far greater than any Sonic has ever faced...

With the arrival of the mysterious, super-powered hedgehog Nazo, and a force of shadow-like creatures who call themselves the Shadow Claws, friends and foes alike must band together to protect the Chaos Emeralds. It would be much easier if it weren't for the fact Sonic is acting very strangely, and two of their strongest fighters are missing...

They must face against impossible odds, lethal enemies, and even Sonic himself as they fight to figure out who Nazo is, and more importantly, how to defeat him. They must also try to solve Sonic's dark and mysterious past in order to save him from madness, and discover the link between him and Nazo.

A village rediscovered....New friends...A dangerous enemy...A troubling past...and the return of...Dark Super Sonic!

Your greatest hero could also be your greatest enemy...

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