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Default The Giants(working title)

I don't know if I should make this or not, so if you read this, just say yes and make it, or no and don't. This isn't on Microsoft Word or anything so they're probably be some errors.

Ken looked at the pictures at the twelve pictures on the table. All the trainers in the room did. All the pictures were sightings of giant pokemon, most of wich were the final evolutions of starter pokemon. The pokemon were spotted roaming the regions, but they rarely caused any trouble. Rarely is used, because occasionally, trainers would attempt to capture the pokemon, only to end up pissing it off. Then it would go on a rampage and destroy everyting in it's past. Hearthome city is still recovering from a Torterra attack. Actually, it seemed that Torterra attacks were most common, and one of the most dangerous.

"It's been brought to attention that Poke blocks are the source of the growth in these pokemon." A man stepped out of the shadows and began to speak. He didn't bother to introduce himself, he just continued to talk.

"This theory has been thought to be wrong, because in order for the pokemon to get Poke blocks, either they must've been a trainer's pokemon or a random trainer gave a wild pokemon the block. This is higly unlikely because most pokemon travel in packs." The man paused and looked around the room.

"I don't know why I explain this to you though. The theory of how they were created has nothing to do with your job." He paused, and began again. "All of you trainers are here to compete in Black Arm Inc.'s new tournament. The final four contestants will be put in to a group, and sent to capture the giant pokemon. Since there are four regions, each of the Final Four will capture each of the starters from each region, andbring them back here. You can communicate with the watches we'll give you when you become a part of the final four. You'll also use a special type of pokeball that we'll also give you later." The man said.

Two women appeared behind them with trays full of decorative black pokeballs. The balls were black with gold designs on them. They were very odd.

"Each of you will take five pokeballs, go capture five more pokemon to be apart of your party. After you've done so, you'll be able to compete in the tournament. Everyone come and get your balls." The man mumbled as he walked away.

Ken looked at the oddly designed pokeballs. "This don't sound safe at all," Ken started, "but, Squirtle, I guess weshould get going anways!"

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