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Default Re: American Presidential Election 2004

I didn't mind Bush's preformance during this term at all. 9/10 reasons why people don't like him come from sheer propoganda and mere opinions based on a lack of knowledge on the issue. Kinda like how everyone claims that it was his tax-cuts that caused a great deal of unemployment, while actually the economy's natural fall+9/11 did it, and the tax-cuts is what rose the economy on a steady 8% increase (desribed to be as "Warp Speed") over the last summer and winter, which also made and is making a lot of jobs across the nation.

Well, the silent majority might have it again, because if the recent poll that I heard from the other room was what I am almost sure it was, the majority if America supports Bush. I'll be JUST under voting age when the time comes around (darn it), but I would vote for him.

Something I noticed: Almost all of Kerry's campaign is strictly anti-Bush talk. I mean, crap man. That's one of the oldest bullies tricks in the book. Make someone look bad to make yourself look good, and tell the democratic party what they want to hear.

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