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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Sephiroth
Game: Final Fantasy VII
How to unlock:

1. Defeat Boss Mode on "Intense" difficulty setting.
2. Win 100,000 Wi-Fi matches with ALL characters.


Regular: Masamune

Up B: Swings Masamune up, and swiftly brings it down.
Down B: Jumps in the air, and stabs in a random area.
Left/Right B: Stabs in either direction.
C Stick Up: Throws Masamune upward.
C Stick Down: Low sweep of the Masamune.
C Stick Right/Left: Casts Firaga in either direction.

Final Smash: Meteor: All opponents targeted, and repeatedly hit with meteors.

Taunt: Unfolds his wing.

Stage: Midgar

Stage Theme: One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy Advent Children Version)

Colors: Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Red.

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