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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Darth Vader
Game Series:Star Wars
To Unlock:1000 KOs in Wifi Brawls and a Darth Vader trophy

Regular Attacks:Lightsaber

Up + B = Force Levitation
Side + B = Force Lightning
Down + B = Force Choke
Regular Smash = Lightsaber Attack
Final Smash = Darth Vader's TIE (Sort of like Fox's Landmaster, except it's a TIE, so it's smaller and in the air. :D)

Taunt 1 = "I am your father, Luke."
Taunt 2 = Uses the Force to lift a pebble then makes the pebble explode.

Colors:Black, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Dark Green, Gold, White


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