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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

I had to do this. *points to name*

Character: Lan Hikari/Megaman.EXE
Game: Megaman Battle Network
How to Unlock: 1. Get Lan to join your party in Story Mode
2. Beat Classic Mode with R.O.B. and Samus

Up- Grab and Throw- Megaman grabs the enemy and throws him
Down-Downwards Kick- Megaman lifts his leg and brings it down on the enemy
Combo-Rapid Punches w/Small Blast- Megaman punches rapidly and finishes with a little orb blast

Up-Random Soul-Megaman calls on the power of another NetNavi for a short period of time
Down-Random BattleChip-Megaman is given a random weapon
Side-MegaBuster-Megamanís default cannon

Smash: CyberSword-Megamanís default sword

Final Smash: Cross Fusion-Lan and Megaman cross fuse for extreme powerful attacks
Mega x Azumi

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