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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Character: Linoone

How to Unlock: Unlock every Pokemon-related character and defeat Story Mode.

Game Series: Pokemon

B move: Slash-charges it's arm back it thrusts it's arm fowards and slices you.

Down B move: Dig-goes underground and pop out, hurting you

Up B move: Super Hop- jumps like a glider, and stays in a curve-like form when he jumps, i.e; Linoone--> _/\_ Like a jump, where he goes up, then down. xP

Side B Move: Assist- uses a random attack, that acts a slash, but it unleashes fire, water, etc. at random.

Taunt: raises his head a looks at space randomly. lol.

I didn't feel like making the next taunt. -.-

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