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Default Re: Pokemon Linked - MMORPG

Lol, I am sorry but you downloaded the old client. I re-uploaded it today (sorry my bandwidth exeeded) so you will have to download it again, the auto-updater is having isssues so do not use it, you will just have to go back on the site. Thanks for the construtivity.

I have not released the battle system yet, it will take a while as it is the second hardest thing to code in the game, although I have quite a bit of it done already :). I will try and fix the password thing, but the passwords dont really need to be high tech at the moment as there is no reason to hack someones account - everyone is the same. But I will fix that, don't worry.

I will make a mini map to, thanks for that I never thought of it :).

Hope you all enjoy the new demo, it has a few bugs - but they are all small enough, lol. With common sense you can avoid them, but please post them all up here because I may not know them all. There are items in this demo :D.
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