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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Shin Akuma
Game Series: Street Fighter
How to Unlock: Go through the Classic Mode without dying, using a Final Smash, or do devastating ammount of damage to any KH/FFVII+/Bishounen girlie-man. Once you get to the Master Hand, Shin Akuma will drop out of the air, plant a devastating Misogi attack on Master Hand, and will be your end boss. If you beat him, he's yours.
B = Gou Hadou. Fireball attack. Press for one hit, hold for three. Zanetsu Hadou if used in the air.
>, < + B = Gou Tatsuumaki(?). A spinning helicopter kick. Maybe be used for a third jump.
v + B = Ashura Warp. Warps in one direction.
^ + B = Gou Shoryuu. An uppercut attack that hits 3 times.
Final Smash(2 Variations):
B = Shun Goku Zatsu. Warps forward, if grabbed, the screen will turn black, then random, anonymous attacks occur, delivering devastating damage to an enemy.
B Rapidly = Misogi. Jumps into the air, then slams back into the playing field, causing an earth shattering ammount of Ki spike.
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