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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Lapras doesn't have legs, so he couldn't battle. :[

But, I choose... Sora, from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Hey, Chain of Memories was a Nintendo game.

Name: Sora
Game Series: Kingdom Hearts
How To Unlock: Use Link, Marth, and Ike in "Intense" Classic Mode. Also, defeat All-Star Mode with Meta Knight with the "Hard" settings.
Side B: Sora uses Blizzaga, creating an icy beam of light shooting in the direction the player chooses.
Up B: Sora uses Thundaga, creating a strong lightning bolt to come down form the sky, and hit enemies.
Down B: Hit Doge Roll; Sora rolls in the process of swinging his keyblade.
Final Smash: Trinity Limit; Sora's keyblade glows, he jumps and lands with his keyblade going into the ground, he takes it out, and light spurts from the hole in the ground, and knocks everyone offstage.

And... Riku. xD

Name: Riku/Roxas
Game Series:
How To Unlock: Use Sora to defeat All-Star mode on Intense difficulty.
Riku's Moves:
Side B: Dark Aura; Riku jumps up slightly, and hits enemies with a series of darkness bullets, coming out of his keyblade.
Up B: Riku raises his keyblade forcefully, and hits enemies upwards.
Down B: Riku switches keyblades and clothing, and all of his attacks double in power temporarily. This second Riku can only be used once in battle.
Final Smash: Secondary Offense Position; Riku disappears in thick darkness, and switches with Roxas, who has two keyblades.
Roxas' Moves:
Side B: Keyblade Spin; Roxas spins his two keyblades, hitting anyone in its way.
Up B: Roxas does the same thing in Keyblade spin, except upwards.
Down B: Roxas points both of his keyblades downwards, and a mixture of light and dark beams hit anyone in its path.
Final Smash: XIII Blast; Roxas calls Axel, and together, they knock people off the stage with flames and keyblades. Roxas disappears, and switches with Riku.
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