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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Character: Pokemon Trainer (Female)
Game Series: FR/LG
How to unlock: Clear Boss Battles with Jigglypuff on Hard or higher//Survive a 15-min Brawl aginst the Alloys w/ Jigglypuff // Clear All-Star using Pokemon Trainer on Normal or higher without using a Heart Container
Other info: Like the Male PT, the Female stays in the background alternating between one of her three Pokemon. In her case, Blastoise, Bayleef, and Chimchar.
Blastoise moves: Side B= a wall of light appears reflecting projectiles. Similar to the Shield of the Star Fox Characters.
Up B= Similar to Bowser's 'third' jump, only Blastoise gets more horizontal movement.
Down B= switch between Pokemon (PT Female).
Bayleef moves: Up B= Launche self with vines, doing a front flip damaging oppenents in path, ultimately latching ont an edge with its vines. About as high a third jump as Samus Screw Attack.
Side B: A green ball of energy flies towards opponent. May cause Flinch. Secodary effect also may result in a Flower Hat on the opponent.
Down B= Switch Pokemon.
Chimchar: Up B= Flame Wheel. Chimchar crouches low, then springs in the direction chosen by control stick following the Up B (like the Star Fok Up B). Launches opponents in its path slightly downwards.
Side B= Thunder Punch. Similar to Ganondorf A attach, less damage.
Down B= Switch Pokemon.
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