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Default Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Welcome to the Make your own SSB character! This is where you can choose one of your favorite [Nintendo] characters, and make them into
Brawl/Melee characters.

Since I only have Melee, I'll post mine in Melee format.

Name: Pokemon Breeder
Game: Pokémon
How to unlock: You may battle her to unlock her after the following guidelines:

1. Unlock Pokemon Trainer.
2. When you release a Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig out of seperate Pokeballs.
3. Complete classic mode 15 times

Attacks: Like the Pokemon trainer, she can only battle using her 3 Pokemon, Piplup, Grotle, and Infernape.

Let's start with Piplup.

Right/Left B: Bubblebeam
Up B: Rain Dance [Makes Bubblebeam more powerful]
Down B: Switch with Grotle


Right/Left B: Leech Seed
Up B: Leaf Storm
Down B: Switch with Infernape


Right/Left B: Close Combat
Up B: Sky Uppercut
Down B: Switch with Piplup


Yes, I know P. Trainer, or D/P Pokemon aren't in Melee. You can now make your own SSB Characters!

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