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Default Re: Formating (fic)

Originally Posted by Matt & Vulpix
^I believe that's the link to my story, "A Journey in Kanto".

Anyways, the problem is that I copied and pasted my document from work [Chapter 1, Part 1]. In the 'post place', it was okay, everything looked normal. I posted it, and all of the sudden the spaces between paragraphs were larger than usual. Also, some parts were of different fonts that the rest (the end, namely).

I go to edit my post, and it doesn't show a bajillion lines between my paragraphs, and I dont know how to fix the font problem.

Help? I dont want my fic to die because of a formating problem X_X
The font problem is easy to fix, there should be this button when you're posting: . Highlight all the text, and then press that button, then all the font will be the same.

As for the extra lines, I'm not so sure what's causing that, but I had this happen to me. If you copy and paste something on, it appears that there's no extra lines, but when you post, there will be. If you edit the post, you should see the extra line spaces, so just remove those.

Also, there's more of a format problem in the message editor interface (what you see when you post). By default, you are using WYSIWYG Editing (what you see it what you get). You can change that to a Standard Editor, so there will be less problems with the format (you'll might still see the spaces, and have to remove them). To change it, go to your User CP, and then Edit Options, at the bottom of the page, you will see Message Editor Interface.

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