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Default Re: (WAR Team) OAA- One Against All

Originally Posted by x__hellokitty View Post
I'll join!

I could help with the URPG and story writing, and RPing.

Even though I never actually RP on Pe2k.
And I haven't posted any stories yet. xD

I could still help! :0

Cause I think I'm an okay writer. And a pretty good RP'er.
I just can't find any good roleplays TO join. D:

This is my first WAR, so I'm not 100% on what's going on, but I'm learning! : D
Sounds good. =) I've seen you around- you seem pretty literate and intelligent. Welcome to the Team.

And thanks, Kenny. =) Best of luck to you, too.

Jackson, we must find a better way of communicating. =p

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