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Default Re: (WAR Team) OAA- One Against All

News / Upcoming Events

[21st April '09]

If you were in OAA for the WAR last year and wish to participate with us this year, we'd love to have you. You just need to post again saying you'll be competing in our team again. If you'd like to join but weren't here last year, just fill out the form FFK provided and you're good to go. ^_^!

[21st March '08]

Originally Posted by FireflyK View Post

- Welcome new members! And good job to our recruiters. ;) Currently, we're a fairly good sized team. We will, however, be accepting new members. In the event of a 'ceiling' or limit being set on the teams, Jackson and I will be speaking to everyone in turn, to see what they bring to the group, and who really wants to be here, vs. just joined for the heck of it. Hopefully, however, we'll get to keep all our members.

- A variety of banners with the popular mascot choices are now available. Please use one to show your pride in the team, and alert others to the upcoming WAR. If you have a request for another banner, or an idea, we'll see what we can do. We have a lot of banners already, however.

- The Roleplay is still being designed. However, as the team leaders negotiate for what should be in it, we'd like to make sure that all your views are acommodated as much as possible. All suggestions should be PMed or IMed to myself, or Jackson. When we get close to the actual beginning of the RP, there will be a group discussion to ensuer that our characters mesh well, that we have a goal, and so on. Updates on this will be announced!

- Anyone with basic HTML or coding skills, please IM or PM me whenever you can. There's a new project in the making, so everyone else, stay tuned.

- Once the WAR categories are announced, I'll be tallying who can participate in which fields, to get an idea of what categories we might fall short in. So, except a mass-PM-mailing with a little 5 second questionnaire once we find out for sure what categories will be in this time's war!

- Question, comments, or unadulterated fury? PM me or Jackson. Well, unless you're angry. Then you should only look for Jackson. ;)

- Finally. I'd like to remind you all that drawing mustaches on posters put up by our opponents is still strictly promoted- er, forbidden. So don't ever let them catch you doing it!


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