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Default [WAR] OAA - One Against All


OAA is a group of various renegades, mavericks, lost innocent, evildoers, and, well, just anyone who never quite fit, and found their lives or health endangered by society. After quite a bit of team, this small group have come to trust and to some extent care for each other. Minor goals vary. The major goal is to protect and enhance the lives of themselves and the other members.

Most members of OAA are not outright sadists. However, few are altruistic, or willing to complete good acts without a reason/when it would disadvantage themselves or the group. Thus, the group does some good but also some evil, and is best described as Chaotic. The only loyalties they have are to each other. However, as some members were once misused or outcast, people in similar situations may evoke pity or help from OAA members- possibly with the option of membership extended to them after they are assisted.

OAA welcomes both humans and hybrids.

Brief History

To be added.

What we are- and aren't

All sorts of members exist. However, OAA has a few things in common.

- Members are 'outcasts' in some way. Some were accepted but never felt they 'fit in'. Some were discriminated against. Others are somewhat evil, and thus society rejected them. They come from all sorts of circumstances- but none totally belong.
- Members desire safety and, to some extent, freedom. There is no desire to conquer and actively take over and invade land. Merely a desire to maintain our freedom. Some members may want to keep other people at bay- theymay distrust being near or being controlled by non-members. This may lead to fights, etc, but it won't lead to anyone's 'land' actively being invaded unless we are cornered.
- Members are, for the most part, NOT sadists. Yes, there are a few in every bunch. But we don't cause trouble just for the hell of it, at least not on a major/deadly scale. Mischief is one thing, but we don't set out just to cause harm. Some people may fear or even hate what the world has done to them, but we're not vigilantes or judges. We don't kill just anyone out of anger.
- Some are selfish. But plenty are, well, defensive. They're used to distrusting the world, and sometimes are too mean/alienating due to this. This doesn't neccesarily mean they're evil, just a bit damaged.
- Although OAA are supportive of members and cautious of others, some even going so far as to treat non-group members like lesser beings, we are not a gang. We are a group of scattered people who have come together. For us, however, there's no homeland to seek or return to. We simply have each other, and a desire to stay alive and find something worthwhile. OAAers are not the sort to find a good place to settle down, or to long for a stable job and a roof over their heads each night. We find our home with other people, and under the night sky- something that never changes, no matter where you are. Trees and scenery, houses, and culture may change... But the sky is the same wherever you go.


OAA has no one big goal. We aren't evil- we don't want to cause harm for fun. We aren't good- we don't want to save the world, or even take justice into our hands. OAA is, first and foremost, a group of people thrown together by circumstance, who have learned to care for each other. Some of us are outcasts for good reasons, some for bad, but no matter how we treat people outside the group, no OAA members should seriously hurt another, even in a disagreement. Anyone not in the team, however, is fair game.

How to join

Simply fill out the form below. If you intend to Roleplay with us, any ideas you have about your future character are welcome.

Reason for joining:
WAR experience, if any:
What sections you are good at/ plan to enter:


Leader/Coleader: While OAA believes in listening to the opinions of all its members, at some point, a decision must be made. This is the job of the leader(s).
Advisor: Trusted members who have proved themselves to be very competent, and have inspired other members in some way. There will be no more than 2 of these.
Veteran: Members who have been with OAA in past wars. Notify Fireflyk if you are a Veteran and not on the Veteran list.
Contributor: Any member who has been very active, has recruited 2 or more people, or otherwise has contributed a lot in some way. This doesn't just mean earning points- banner makers, for example, deserver recognition for their contributions.

Team Leaders
| FireflyK | Jackson | Larvi |

Snow Fairy Sugar

New Friends
Kayla Ann

- Membership is currently open

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