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Default Re: Neo Pikachu's Member Trivia!

Originally Posted by TotodileHop24
Hmm... I would like to guess "Taro" for the 3-point question. I still don't have a clue about the 4-point question though...
Yep, it was Taro!


Dark Pikachu {14}
Marco {9}
Raik {7}
Sutiivun {6}
TotodileHop24 {6}

Old Questions

4 pts "Am I the only one who thinks England is cold, wet and miserable?"

New Questions

3 pts "I love Magic: The Gathering and was once known as the 'Viewtiful.'"

5 points "Heh, there's nothing I love more than quoting everyone at once and telling them how wrong they are!"