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Originally Posted by KH2Freak View Post
Wow, you're a strict judge.

Hello! My name is KH2Freak and I've been looking for a spriting job. I don't have an incredible amount of experience but I'm a fast learner. I can do:

Recolors: (lol)
Mutations: (Eh, not my best)
Mystery Dungeon Mutations:
Candy Pokemon (hehe....):
Chocolate Pokemon:

I can do just about any recolor better than most. Hope you like it! And please know that it's not so much what I've DONE, but what I'm capable of doing.
Mabey after you learn some more diffrent things and practice awhile. I like what you've done though. I'm trying to think of that spriting site that helps you, ummmmm.... I think.

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