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Default Re: Mixed Groups/Clubs Chit Chat

anyone feel there's a bunch of semi-godmoding in the rp already? I mean, everyone's anime-style 6'9", uber-buff, UBER-smart (sometimes even more than just smart), and adept at everything

this isn't calling out anybody. I've just been skimming through the profiles (reading in-depth when someone was as I said before semi-godmoding) and realizing it's a trend.

yes, I realize that half of my pokemon are bionics-augmented, but look at our team's purpose. It is only natural that they are.

But does the duty of saving the world coincidently come with natural ability to do everything and anything? I understand any semi-godmoding on AG's part, as they are supposed to be that type of ninja, but a lot of other stuff is ridiculous.

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