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Default Re: Battery Replacement v1.2

According to wiki:
"A common problem found in the second generation of games is a problem with the internal battery after roughly six years. The internal battery is located inside of the cartridge which allows the game to save the user's progress. Many people have reported that their games no longer save due to this problem, and any save file that remains before 2006 will be deleted!!!.

It is possible to fix this, but the cartridge must be opened and the battery must be taken out, and a new battery must be soldered in. The battery model is model CR2025, although a larger CR2032 fits as well and will last longer. An inexpensive replacement battery can be purchased with the same welded tabs and insulating ring already attached such as the Panasonic BSG series (part # BR2032-1F2) available from Digikey. One will need to be able to use a soldering iron to remove the old battery and install the new one. One should get a battery with welded tabs such as the one mentioned above; it is difficult and unsafe to solder directly to a lithium battery without tabs.

With a new battery, the game's save file lasts a much longer time; however, any previous data saved on the game when the battery is replaced is lost."

I can not find their most Highly recommended the Panasonic BSG..... :(

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