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Default Re: My G/S/C team

Decent team in-game doesn't mean jack if you're facing real human players who're half competent =/

For Deoxysfan3: I'm rating your team based on human-human battling, not in game AI.

Typhlosion: Would you really start with that? The common starters... don't seem to be a whole lot weak to Typh. I'd keep it in the back as your speedy special finisher (though with 298 speed it isn't going to be that fast.) Flamethrower over Flame wheel, and Quake over Swift. I'd go for a Mintberry - rest over Sunny day, since I don't see a point in Sday here. (Your team doesn't particularly benefit from it either)

Gyarados: Gyarados isn't a great Water type to use, and you already have a quagsire. Maybe ditch it for a more versatile water, like Starmie? If you opt to keep Gyarados, uh... It's a hard pokemon to play with, no special attack ability, and no physical attacks to use ;_; Return/Body slam, Roar, and uh... I really don't know. The last Dos I used was Bslam, Roar, HP Flying/Ground, Rest, but it wasn't a great set, unless you use it at the right time ;_; Leftovers in any case.

Golem: @ Quick claw or Leftovers. Explosion is a must, since it's a signature attack, along with Quake and Rock slide. For the last move, choose from either Body slam (PAR), Counter (Quake users beware), Substitute (sub on water type switchin, explode when they break the sub). Its special attack is too weak for Fire punch to do anything.

Quagsire: A hard pokemon to use, since it doesn't have great stats, nor does it get Water absorb. I'm not a big fan of GSC hazing, they're usually pretty bad (OMG I HAZED AND THEN I GET OWNED RIGHT AWAY)... Pseudohazer wise, you could always play Donphan or Skarm or something... Either way, Sire should have Quake definately, while the other 3 moves are more or less your choice. I think Curse, Quake, Ancientpower/Bodyslam/HP rock, Rest/Surf is a good combo, but with Quaggy's spD, you'd have to use it with caution.

Victreebel: Not a great pokemon by any means. Awesome attack though, sucky survivability ;_; Razor leaf is a no brainer here, along with Powder. For the last 2, you could do either Sludge bomb with Swords dance or Synthesis?

Togetic: Horrid, horrid pokemon. It's best use is sunny side up, IMHO. But hey, my opinion :p Normal flyers, Dodrio's the best (Endure, Flail, Drill peck, filler or something similar to that?). But if you HAVE to use the egg... Well, I can't come up with anything decent, its defenses are only barely above average, HP not good enough to stall, while its attack stats are pitifully bad (Ok, special attack not so bad, but 258 isn't my idea of an attacking type, especially with no HP to fall back on like miltank), and not fast enough to outrun just about anything ._. Encore, Charm, Attract, filler? Iono...

Overall: While your team is very nicely filled with UU pokemon (Or NU for that matter, Togetic isn't used for a reason, and a damn good one at that), it's not going to really stand against a standard team. Even though I think standards are generally boring to play, it wouldn't hurt to replace some of your pokemon, like Togetic, with a better pokemon, like Snorlax for attacking, or Miltank for Heal bell, or even a nicer UU pokemon like Dodrio for the flail, heh. Team is horribly weak against a boltbeam Starmie, or just water types in general, since they like ice beam, so Victree's resistance to water is nullified.
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