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Originally Posted by Full_Metal_Al View Post
your friend has a really bad team, mine could knock it out without even haveing one pokemon faint.

anyways, sounds to me you need one pokemon to take down each one of his.

Dragonite - Gyarados (Knows dragon attacks, but isn't really a dragon.)
Mewtwo - Gengar (Ghosts have the advantage over Psychic)
Lapras - Zapdos (Thunder type, as well as flying, so its gard to be hurt by Lapras)
Charizard - Poliwrath (Water type, but has fighting as well, so it can always hurt charizard)
Zapdos - Aerodactyl (Its rock and flying, a rare combo. Zapdos cant hurt it. much.)
Articuno - Moltres (Has every power over it, hands down.)

hope it helps.
It does, thanks man. I'm thinking about throwing a mew in there... giving it ice beam or blizzard, hyperbeam, hydro pump and thunder. Throw him out first and use him instead of gengar. I think gengar would get wrecked against mewtwo with one psychic.

3 of his dudes are flying so I'd get thunder on a couple of my guys.
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