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Hunting is very good in certain respects. God created animals like deer to be food for mankind. If they are not hunted at all, they will over populate, there won't be enough food for them all, and they will die from starvation. Wouldn't it be better for them to die a quick death and be food for mankind then for them to slowly suffer from starvation? I think they should be hunted to the point were there is a good number of them left, not too many, not to few. Unfortunately today the hunting laws are becoming more and more restricted, and animals like bears are coming down into towns because there are too many. That needs to be changed. One other thing I'll mention is that it is utterly worthless and just wrong to kill an animal just for fun and leave it there. That's something I liked about the Indians, when they killed an animal they used everything from it. Nothing went to waste.
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