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Default Re: Yay, Rob's stuff

+ The Rape --'

+ Fire And Ice 1-10-11'
Forever shall I cherish this fiery form.

+ No Matter Where... We're Together 17-02-12'
You know I love you, unconditionally.

+ Flip 22-03-12'
For those of you that don't know me, I tempt fate; I'll flip another coin.

+ Grandpa Rests And Never Dies 7-04-'12
You can rest now, never forget this: we all love you dearly and you will be greatly missed.

+ Within My Heart 1-05-'12
Forever entwined, never losing grip..

+ Not Just Another Month 5-05-12'
Forever be mine baby, forever wear my crown..

total " 1

+ Symphony of Sorrow (collabed with Geoffreys-Darkness) 7-06-'08
But darkness and war can still go togetherÖ peace and light can never happen.

total " 0



Never Mine

It doesnít matter what I do.
It doesnít matter how much I try.
Eventually in time, I came to realize,
That you were never mine.

You never were nor will you be.
Youíll never fill that space in me.
My icy heart might never feel warmth again,
But I keep tryiní and tryiní.

You wonít take me serious, nor answer my calls.
If Iím in need, would you be there? Donít think so.
Oh, the pain. Oh, the sorrow. It doesnít matter though.
I know Iíll try again tomorrow.

Never mine, yet never giving up.
Canít get over you, just canít stop.
Will it ever end? Will it ever mend?
Even if it does, Iíll be back. Again and again.

Someday, somehow.
I know we were meant to be.
Why canít you see?
One more time I have to sayÖ

I love you, but youíll never be mine.


Robert Brame

my gift is my song and this one is for you + don't look down, it's only love that we're falling in
all the way to your very last breath, I'll be around 'till we're parted by Death + sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same

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