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Default Re: Nitro's Banner Contest, now with plain and boring names, too! :D

Results are up!!!


Beauty:The background is pretty good, and the effect makes it stand out even more. The Aipom fits perfectly in that background, so I'll give you a 9/10 on this..
Relationship:Seeing as Aipom is... sort of a monkey Pokemon, 8/10.
Affection:As said in the Beauty section, the background is great. The only thing that bugs me me is the font. I just don't like it, but it still looks pretty good. I'll give you 8/10.


Beauty:The background was sorta plain, but the effect was still great. The scanlines added to the background, and the choice of text. I'll give it a 8/10.
Relationship:Infernape is definitely a monkey Pokemon, but there was a bit more "monkey-ness" you could have added, so 9/10. ^_^
Affection:When I first saw it, I fell in love with it. So yeah, I practically love this banner. This gives it a 9/10. The background was that 1 point deduction.

Peekaboo Pikachu

Beauty:The background was well done, though not unique. The font was small, but it perfectly matched the background. Adding a border added to the banner's beauty, giving it a nice 8.5/10.
Relationship:An Aipom is sorta of a monkey, so I guess 8/10 for you.
Affection:I've seen plenty of banners like this before: the-background-being-a-blur-of-the-Pokemon effect. I personally think this effect is above average. The choice of text was great, so 8/10.


Beauty:The pose of the Aipom was very cute, and emotion raising. It also fit the background, and the carefree font. The background was very carefree, fitting the text well. It looks very beautiful, so 9/10.
Relationship:An Aipom gives you 8/10 points, and putting "monkey" in what you wrote gives you an extra 1/10, so you get 9/10 in this section.
Affection:I love the carefree style and the Aipom's pose. I'll give you 8/10 for your what you did on this banner.


Beauty:No offense, but I don't really like the Aipom on the right's glitchy look. The background is really pretty, as is the font. The border added to this banner, so I'm giving it 7/10.
Relationship:8/10 for the Aipom.
Affection:I don't really like this banner because of that one glitchy Aipom, so no offense. 6/10.


Beauty:The swirlish effect didn't look really good, nor did the font and background. 4/10 here.
Relationship:Chimchar gives you an 9/10.
Affection:I just didn't like the banner. 3/10.


Beauty:It was sort of small, but the background was plain but efficient. Your font that said "Aipom" was really pretty, and putting a box around your font and the text looked great. It just looked perfect, in other words. 10/10 here.
Relationship:9/10 for the Aipom and putting the word "monkey" in.
Affection:This was one of my favourite banners in the entire thing. The smallness was the only deduction, even though the smallness adds to the effect, it just bugs me. 9/10.

And there you have it! Our winner for this week is Volcanflame! He'll be put in the 3rd post where he will become the first winner of this contest!

Our new theme for this week shall be... Fire! Make something to do with fire! It can be a Fire Pokemon, a volcano, anything to do with fire!


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