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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Now that I know you can create a nonsense gym, I guess I'll make one.

Gym Name: Squishy Gym
Gym Theme: Squishy pokemon
Gym Trainers:

Name: Cooltrainer Dudeguy

Jigglypuff (Squishem)lv 57
Igglybuff (Squashem)lv 72
Igglybuff (Squooshem)lv 86

Name: Schoolgirl Bob

Ditto (Blob)lv 49
Snorlax (Fatsquish)lv 23
Snorlax (Heavysquish)lv 98

Name: Leader Smash Squishem

Squishachu (he's a squishy Pikachu) (Squishy Guy)lv 3
Igglybuff (Cybersquish)lv 12
Snorlax (Fattie)lv 67
Jigglypuff (Marshmallow)lv -10

Prize:$1.50, TM1000 (Squish: squishes enemy pokemon) and the opportunity to work with a company to become a supermodel! Oh, and you get the Squishy Badge (an eraser in a weird shape), too.
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