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Default Re: Forum Guide

Post #2: How to Start Posting

The Terms: Forum, Board, Thread, Post
Forum: This entire site, is the forum.
Board: In a forum, there are boards with broad topics.
Sub Forum: These are specific boards within a board.
Thread: Threads are found inside boards. Anyone can make a thread, which starts a discussion about a particular topic.
Posts: Posts are the messages you see inside the threads.

Click on a thread, and you'll see the messages in that thread. To reply, just click on the button at the top or bottom left of the page. You can also quote what a person said in his/her message. By going to the person's post, you'll see the button on the bottom right. By clicking that, a quote of that message will be automatically made. This is useful, because people will know what you're talking about (or which post you were talking about). To select multiple posts to quote, click this button.

Quick Replies can be used without loading a new page, for quick replies. It will only quote one post. Click , you will then be taken to the bottom of the page to type your reply. Hit reply to send.

Starting a Thread
Just go to a board, and click on . Make sure the topic you want to talk about isn't created already before making a new thread. You can search for topics through the Search feature.

To edit the title of your thread, you can either double click the title when viewing the board, or edit your post and change the title there.

Editing Your Own Post
If for whatever reason you forgot something or need to correct an error, you can edit your post by clicking on the bottom right corner of your post. Please avoid posting two times in row (double posting), you can just edit the post before if you forgot something.

Other Threads
Closed threads cannot be posted in by regular members.

Stickied threads remain at the top of the board. Rules and popular activities will always be stickied. It’s a good idea to read these first before posting.

This forum has it’s own built in Frequently Asked Questions, should you need additional help.

In every post, there is a button like this: . This allows you to report that post to the Moderators. Report members that break rules. Please note, however, that the report system is to be used with moderation. Do not report every little offense you see. If you notice things like pornography, advertisements, threads full of flames and SPAM posts, and other just major offenses, then please do not hesitate to use the report feature. If you're unsure if something should be reported or not, you can always send a link to a Moderator for them to check it out.

Failing to follow the forum rules may result in one of the following actions:

Warning: This can be verbal or by Infraction.
Infraction: A more serious Warning. Obtaining too many Infractions at once will give you a 3 day Temp Ban.
Temporary Ban: Not listening to a warning or breaking many rules.
Permanent Ban: Continuously disrupting the forum.

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