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Default Re: DarkGardevoir's judging log

DP Cool contest
Ataro Vs Volcan Vs Chris Vs Jr
Scizor Vs Masquerain Vs Scyther Vs Typhlosion

Fictional Judges: Officer Jenny #5415233105(lead Judge), Orlando Bloom, Pe2k
Ty and scizor had Pokeblocks, but the order was pretty much the same in the end. Scizor got first, scoring a crowd boost and Metal Claw at last place after Sword Dance. Despite Chris knew next to nothing of contest, expecially DP ones, did very well.

Ataro win his 3rd cool normal ribbon, 2k and Lum and Chesto Berry
Jr get 1500$ and Lum Berry
Chris takes 1500$ and Lum berry too
Volcan get 1000$ and Chesto berry
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Vocaboulary Game
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