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Exclamation << How to Write Freaking Stories >>

by Embreon


One of the main ways to gain more Pokémon for your team is to write a story. Your story can be about pretty much anything, but here are some quick hints:
  1. Keep the stories clean. Dark or mature stories are fine, but nothing too explicit please, and if you think your story may be offensive, provide a warning at the beginning.
  2. Beginner stories are generally graded easier, so be sure to try harder as you gain experience. The whole point of writing is to keep improving.
  3. Try to be creative. Remember, it's your story.
  4. There is no purchasing PokéBalls to catch Pokémon in the story.
  5. You can feature any Pokémon you want in your story, not just the one(s) in your stats or the one(s) you're trying to capture.
  6. Don't add a Pokémon to your stats until a Grader passes your story. That'd be what we call cheating. ^^
  7. You can capture any Pokémon except Legendaries.

A story must be graded by an official Grader- there is no exception. The Grader says whether you catch or fail to catch the Pokémon in your story. They also help you improve your story any way they can so that your next story is better.

The Grading Group lists all official Graders and information concerning grading.
Link: The Grading Group

If you would like to comment about a story in the URPG, use the URPG Story Feedback thread. Please don’t post in an author’s story unless you are a grader.
Link: URPG Story Chat & Feedback

-Story Contests-
Who can write the best story and possibly win a legendary? Story contests will happen every July and December. Only one story may be submitted per person. The story must catch at least one Pokémon to qualify as an entry. This is not a popularity contest; it’s about who can write the best overall story. The longest story is not always the best.

The winner is determined by the readers. Votes will be sent to the person running the contest, not posted on the forum. Points are tallied up and the person with the most will win a Legendary not already taken. The winner gets to keep the Legendary for one year.

~Note: Any member of the URPG may vote.
~Other Note: There will also be other contests with different rules and smaller prizes.

-Paired Writing System-
This new system allows for two people (or a max of three) to write a story together for the URPG stories. Rules are subject to change, but for now, as long as you do your best to follow these, it's all good.

All authors of a paired story must aim for captures of equal difficulty and it should be clearly stated, either at the beginning or end of the story, which author intends to catch which Pokémon. In other words, if one author is trying to capture two mons for him/herself, then the other author must also attempt to capture two mons for him/herself. OR, if one author wants to go for something more difficult, the other author needs only to match the estimated character count. For example, if someone wants to capture a Medium-difficulty mon, the other author can match that with two Simple-difficulty mons for him/herself. If that's too confusing, then... just keep things balanced between the two (or three) of ya, okay? ^^;

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