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Default Re: Pokemon Linked - MMORPG

Gee thanks guys :D.

I have polished EVERYTHING exept for ONE TINY TINY TINY thing, that I am hunting down now. All I need is a server and then its ready to go :D:D:D:D.

The problem is I need to find someone that can act a server. I can't use me as my PC is very slow and I dont have a great connection. As soon as this is done though I will give it to the staff and take testers.

Please post if you want to be a tester, I will accept 5. if you want to be a tester then you will have to hunt for bugs, although I have been hunting for a very long time. If you even find a TINY one, like a spelling mistake, random pixel, or things screwwing please tell me.

Anyway to the server farm :P.
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