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Default Re: Poke'rus Question

Originally Posted by mlugia
Which is why once you get it, you put it in the PC and infect everyone else in there too =D

And it doesn't run away, last I checked, if you leave it in the PC
Yeah, I've got some that have been in stored in the PC, in an infected state, for years. They never get over it.

Just to make sure I keep the infection around (and can pass it to friends' carts) I keep a whole box of infected caterpies. I also infect all my legendaries and store them infected, since I never use them after I catch them. They make good infection pools.

I've been really luck with pokerus. It's been on every cart I've ever owned except one (including r/s/fr/lg/e). I recently sent that one to somebody else, with a couple infected pokes in the PC.

If only I was as lucky with shinies
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