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Talking The Main Place To Discuss Battling

HEY GUYS UMMM could you battle me ill list my info on the bottom:
FC: 4167-1748-2880
NAME:Demon madface, madface

please im counting on whoever reads this to answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!:oops

1)Talk right do not make front of any other members. Respect them.
2)If you do not read and agree to these terms then you will be kicked out.
3)Think of Pokemon, Pokemon Pokemon.
4)After you read these rules then copy and paste them and then PM me that you agree.
5) You have to fill out a form to get in.(that is at the bottom)
6)No ubers, noobs, and people who hack!!!
7)No hacked pokemon or moves
8)If you come across someone who did not follow these rules then report him to me.
9)There are some people who are already band from this clan, his name is Zero.
10)When battling you are battling you have to battle at level 100 and you may choose not to use items.
11)Last but not least have fun and This Clans name is Ultimate Dustruction.

Do you agree to these terms-
Are you on any other clan-
What is your favorite pokemon-
What is the name of this clan-
Do you know my cousin Drift?-
Do you know ScyPerior?-
Do you hack?-
Wil you report any ubers, hackers and anyone like that?-


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