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Default Re: Ataro's Judging Log

Normal Rank Standard Beauty Contest
Crazy231 vs Noan vs JR vs Leman
Cyndaquil vs Golduck vs Typhlosion vs Vire

JR was mean and made everyone did beauty which gave him an advantage. xD

Anyways, this contest was the easiest I've ever judged, all beauty moves throughout and the crowd went wild every turn except the first one. Cynda had good luck with Eruption and last place, but Vire's Punches got him lots of points. If he had Pokeblocks, he would have won.

1st Typhlo 401 pts (290 w/o)
2nd Golduck 384 pts (270 w/o)
3rd Vire 330 pts
4th Cynda 310 pts

JR wins; Normal Beauty Ribbon, $2k and a $1.5 berry.
Noan in second place; $1.5k and a $1k berry.
Leman in third; $1.5k and a $1k berry.
Crazy in last; $1k and a $0.5k berry.

Crazy - Chesto | Noan - Chesto & Chesto | JR - Sitrus & Chesto | Leman - Grepa

Salary: $2000
Total Payroll: $44000

urpg stats . the ultra dex .
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