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Default Re: Jackson's Nyaasome Reffing Log


[3v3] [DP] [Normal Terrain] [No Items]


[The Jr Trainer] Vs [Pikahero2]
[Feraligatr | Mamoswine | Ludicolo] Vs [Ampharos | Taillow | Typhlosion]

Lol, T-Bolt hax at the start. Switch to Mamoswine and Blizzard KOd Taillow with Hail after Amphy switched out. Typhlosion KOd with Eruption. Rain Dance and Surf hit Amphy as it came back in. Hydro Pump and another Surf killed that. Phlosion forced in and Surf KOd.

Jr ~ $1,000
Pikahero ~ $500
Me ~ $1,500

Current Salary ~ $5,500

[OMG JR'S 400TH BATTLE!] =^_^=
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