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Default Re: Need Help with team please!!

Thank you all for the help.
What im understanding here is that Gyrados sucks. Ok then. Lapras will replace him. But i also here Crobat sucks. And already im having trouble keeping golbat alive and happy. Ive always wanted muk. But i don't know how to teach expolsion or any good movesets for him. Also i have 2 other extra choices for the empty slot: Xatu (cuz i need a psychic) or Jinx. I would get Alakazam but i dont have anyone to trade with to evolve him. So any more assistance will be helpful. (Once again note, i dont have a psychic.)
While im at it, i hope you would have seen the thing with my team of trying to have big strong pokemon (Gyra,Ty, Drag etc. other than Flar and crob of course.
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