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Default Re: What pokemon next?

Originally Posted by Espeon View Post
Mind providing info on the pokemon other than what they are? Movesets/Natures/EV training? :x
Umm. Sure. But this is about what pokemon I'll get next. Although I'm not posting ev training. I don't do that untill I get to the battle tower.

Torerra- Serious, Overgrow
Earthquake,Bite,Mega Drain,Razor leaf

Blissey-Timid,Serene Grace
Fire blast,Refresh,Sing(thinking about hidden power "dark"),Thunder

Wooper-Modest, Water absorb
Mud Shot, Mud Sport,Slam,Mud Bomb

Edit: I caught a pikachu with a light ball. I'll get a pikachu with Volt Tackle. YaY!!

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