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Default Re: Pokemon XD: Dark Winds Dark Lugia!

Hmm... mre shadow Pokémon, and another snag machine...

Wishes for this game:

- whoever has to identify the shadow Pokémon does NOT follow you around. Although from the looks on one of the pics, the main guy has some scouter-like device (watch DBZ dammit), which I can guess mght let him recognise 'em.

- despite the shadow Pokémon, GIVE US WILD POKéMON!!!

- if it's gonna' be similar to Colosseum, at least give us a full-sized game nonetheless. Colosseum's story mode was ace in my opinion, but it wasn't huge when compared to the other games. Seems fair enough in Colosseum's case though, I mean it DID have the Colosseum mode as well.

That's me done, g'bye.
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