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Default Re: Ataro's Judging Log

Normal Rank Standard Cute Contest
DG vs Jeff vs Splishee vs Emma
Togekiss vs Wormadam vs Pikachu vs Golduck

Main Judge: Pimp
Judge: Bookie
Judge: Kelly Clarkson

My first time judging DP contest, was rocky but I've coped with the basics. You may have think Pikachu, the all time favourite might have won, but no, the pathetic Togekiss won.

(And no one likes Bookie, hardly anyone appealed to him)

1st Togekiss 180 pts
2nd Pikachu 120 pts
3rd Wormadam 100 pts
4th Golduck 90 pts

DG wins; Normal Cute Ribbon, $2k and a $1.5 berry.
Splishee in second place; $1.5k and a $1k berry.
Jeff in third; $1.5k and a $1k berry.
Emma in last; $1k and a $0.5k berry.

DG - Grepa, Pecha | Splishee - Chesto, Chesto | Emma - Cheri | Jeff - He decided to donate to the poor.

Salary: $2000
Total Payroll: $36000

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