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Default Re: Pokemon XD: Dark Winds Dark Lugia!

Originally Posted by Orange_Flaaffy
Picture it: "The epic tale of a poor trainer that no one said would ever make it, claws their way up in the battling world with a Magikarp and a prayer !"
Oh amen, Sister! Heh heh. There are so many I'd like to try for starters.

I won't mind being stuck with the eevee. But, why, why, did they have to keep the mutant elf in thunderdome theme going? I don't want to be followed by any creepy chick that runs like a sissy and can't stay out of my way. And I think the whole "shadow" contrivance -- especially which it's an obvious developer's ploy to keep the code simpler -- just stinks.

Except for the pokes, Orre is just fugly.

And gah, those dumb dialogs after battles. Crud. Just let me get my $$$ and move along. Really tiresome at Mt Battle.

I just hope any mmorpg plans include more flexibility and (pray to all the gods) less hokey human character art.

I am so turned off by the idea of another shadow poke game in the same style as colosseum's rpg that this might actually be the first pokemon game I don't buy.
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