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Default Re: Does it matter WHEN pokemon evolve + quick Breeding questions?

Originally Posted by Owen_Guy View Post
to your first question A) no it would not since all the powerful moves are learned later on in life or levels and B) it maybe more harder to train as a full evo than a basic

to answer the four points i will do them the same as you
1) Yes
2)No, if both parents have the item it is more likely to have that nature
3) No, TMs can be passed on by a female but egg moves recquire it to be Male
4)Pt 1 No see above, Pt 2, No, Only the MALE breeding partner has to have that move
Wrong. All Egg moves and TMs that are on the offsprings egg moves list/TM list respectively are inheirited by the male pokemon. It says so in the Nintendo Power Guide Book.
And Ray, all of those statements are true.
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