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Default Re: MISSIGNO: all questions answered

It's good of you to write a guide but if lots of people are going to be using it maybe you should quickly go through and check your spelling ^^

Also, you should post a warning for people who try to do the Missingno. cheat on their games because it can stuff up their game.

Oh, and here is a proper list of HEX codes, taken from The best site for all Pokemon glitch-related things ^_~

Originally Posted by Coxy from
Q: How do I determine the levels?
A: First off, look at letters 2, 4, and 6 of your name. Those letters will determine the levels of the Pokemon you can run into. First, take the NUMERICAL equivalent (A=1, B=2, etc.) of those letters, and add 127 for uppercase or 159 for lowercase. In addition, the symbols are as follows:

( 154
) 155
: 156
; 157
[ 158
] 159
PK 209
MN 210
? 239
P(monetary symbol) 240
x(times sign) 241
. 242
? 245
Also, at the end of your name, the game inserts an 80 (HEX 50) to designate "End of Name". Because of how the variables are used, this means that one of the levels your Missingno. (or glitched 'M name) will be is always L80.

Q: Species determined by name? Cool! I'll get a new name and try that so I can get Mew WITHOUT SHARKING!
A: Hold it right there. While it is determined by name, the lowest number assigned to a character (other than the 80 that is assigned to the "End of Name" character) is 128, for a capital A. In EVERY variable that designates a Pokemon, Mew is assigned the number 21 (HEX 15). If you can make the connection, that means that NO name you enter will result in Mew being a possibility. The low numbers like 21 represent glitch characters that are not available for naming anything and can only be found with a Shark. For convenience, here is the table of what Pokemon will appear for each letter. Letters 3, 5, and 7 are used to determine this:

A: Golduck
B: Hypno
C: Golbat
E: Snorlax
F: Magikarp
G: Missingno.
H: Missingno.
I: Muk
J: Missingno.
K: Kingler
L: Cloyster
M: Missingno. ('M)
N: Electrode
O: Clefable
P: Weezing
Q: Persian
R: Marowak
S: Missingno.
T: Haunter
U: Abra
V: Alakazam
W: Pidgeotto
X: Pidgeot
Y: Starmie
Z: Bulbasaur (Get all the starters without trading!)
a: Missingno.
b: Missingno.
c: Missingno.
d: Ponyta
e: Rapidash
f: Rattata
g: Raticate
h: Nidorino
i: Nidorina
j: Geodude
k: Porygon
l: Aerodactyl
m: Missingno.
n: Magnemite
o: Missingno.
p: Missingno.
q: Charmander (Get all the starters without trading!)
r: Squirtle (Get all the starters without trading!)
s: Charmeleon
t: Wartortle
u: Charizard
v: Missingno.
w: Missingno. (KABUTOPS FOSSIL)
y: Missingno. (GHOST)
z: Oddish

Note: If you want to try the glitch, DO NOT use one of the special characters in your name. If you do, you might end up facing a Trainer. You will not be able to get out of the match, and eventually one of their Pokemon will be a glitch that can freeze (and possibly erase) your game. Also, species from 3 goes with level from 2, species from 5 goes with level from 4, and species from 7 goes with level from 6.

Q: How about some examples?
A: Okay.
Test #1- Name: PIKACHU
Letters 2, 4, and 6 (levels):
2: I = 9 + 127 = 136
4: A = 1 + 127 = 128
6: H = 8 + 127 = 135
Letters 3, 5, and 7 (species):
3: K = Kingler on chart
5: C = Golbat on chart
7: U = Abra on chart
Combining the numbers, the name “PIKACHU” should yield L136 Kingler, L128 Golbat, and L135 Abra. Test it out; it does.
Hope that helps you out. ^_^