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Default Re: I really need help!

Originally Posted by screech1941 View Post
Ok, right now i am really flustered and scared. I got to the point in Diamond where all the guides tell me to go to the Galatic HQ to finish them off once and for all. A grunt dropped the storage key, and i then proceeded to the warehouse in vielstone. I used the key and go downstairs only to see it COMPLETLEY EMPTY of all grunts/trainers. I continue on and i eventually get to the point where you pick up the galatic key. I pick it up and go back outside. I still havent encountered a single galatic grunt, unlike the guide says which says that there are supposed to be lots of grunts there. So then i procced to the Galatic HQ with my galatic key, and by this point im really confused and scared. I go into the HQ and proceed to continue getting to the the top. There is not a single grunt in the Galatic HQ!! I eventually reach the point where the Galatic HQ leader, Cyrus is supposed to be, but guess what? Hes not there! So i cant continue with my story! I dont know whats wrong!! Please help!
That's really weird. Are you sure you have done everything before that point? Because if you didn't that might affect it. If you use AR that could also mess up your game. If that's all fine I don't really know what to tell you.


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