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Default I really need help!

Ok, right now i am really flustered and scared. I got to the point in Diamond where all the guides tell me to go to the Galatic HQ to finish them off once and for all. A grunt dropped the storage key, and i then proceeded to the warehouse in vielstone. I used the key and go downstairs only to see it COMPLETLEY EMPTY of all grunts/trainers. I continue on and i eventually get to the point where you pick up the galatic key. I pick it up and go back outside. I still havent encountered a single galatic grunt, unlike the guide says which says that there are supposed to be lots of grunts there. So then i procced to the Galatic HQ with my galatic key, and by this point im really confused and scared. I go into the HQ and proceed to continue getting to the the top. There is not a single grunt in the Galatic HQ!! I eventually reach the point where the Galatic HQ leader, Cyrus is supposed to be, but guess what? Hes not there! So i cant continue with my story! I dont know whats wrong!! Please help!
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