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Default Re: What is your FireRed/LeafGreen team?

Current team:
Lv.55 Moltres: Fire Blast, Agility, Endure, Overheat
Lv.58 Articuno: Rock Smash, Fly, Steel Wing, Blizzard
Lv.72 Charizard: Swords Dance, Dragon Rage, Fire Blast, Strength
Lv.76 Mewtwo: Swift, Recover, Shadow Ball, Psychic
Lv.93 Kyogre: Double Edge, Thunderbolt, Sheer Cold, Water Spout
Lv.66 Swampert: Dive, Earthquake, Surf, Endeavor

Future team:
Lv.100 Tyranitar:(currently lv. 44 Pupitar)
Lv.100 Salamance:(currently lv. 38 Shelgon)
Lv.100 Dragonite:(currently lv. 37 Dragonair)
Lv.100 Aggron:(currently lv. 44 Aggron)
Lv.100 Golem:(currently lv. 35 Golem)
Lv.100 Flygon:(currently lv. 19 Trapinch)
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