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Default Re: Psychic or Fighting

Originally Posted by Fire Away View Post
In RBY Exeggutor was a staple. One of the best leads in the game since he had the ability to Sleep Powder the opponent's lead and then Explode on whatever switched in after. The fact that he had a ground resist in a Metagame where Golem and Rhydon were on EVERY FREAKING TEAM is a big plus too. :]
Good point. I was actually thinking of G/S/C by accident though. *beaten by mob for being the umpteenth person to affiliate G/S/C with this thread* Exeggutor was never one of my favorites, but he was fairly important in person-to-person battles. However, I just used Butterfree because ground attacks didn't even hit it, and it could Sleep Powder too, with better speed. It couldn't Expolde and was weak to rock but, whateva.


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