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Default Re: Psychic or Fighting

Originally Posted by WifiFX View Post
You'll want a Jynx an Exeggcute, or an Alakazam.
I don't think Jynx and Exeggcute are great choices. Jynx doesn't have great stats, and you can't get it for a while. On the other hand, Exeggcute actually gets weaker (in my opinion) as it evolves. Alakazam is the best bet, but Starmie is good too. Hypno and Slowbro are the next best... unless you're using Mewtwo or Mew, of course. As far as Fighting types go, I like them, but they just aren't as good. Machamp is obviously the best (at least I think he pwns), and the Hitmon duo are behind him. Right behind the Hitmons (or maybe even before them) is Poliwrath, and then Primeape. However, if you want a Fighting, stick with Machamp. I mean, he has four freaking arms!


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