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Default Re: Mike's Reffing Book

Daniella Defines Divinity vs Nefarious
1 vs 1
No items

Dani with Haunter, and ST with Staryu. This time, Hypnosis missed and Staryu got in a few minimizes. In spite of that, Toxic once hit. Because Staryu's evasion was so high, he managed to keep up to the damage of Toxic with Recover, while Hypnosis and Shadow Ball missed. It eventually hit once though, and Toxic damage became high. But at two crucial moments, Staryu had managed to sneak in Hydro Pump. A cool head was required with the dice rolling 80, but that should hit, and so ST won this time.

Congrats on getting them ready for evolution!

ST wins, and receives $1000.
Dani loses, but gets $500 for treatment, because she ate to many dreams.

I should get $500 for reffing.

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