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Default Re: Contest Chat


$5,000 each

Cool Red Scarf
Beauty Blue Scarf
Cute Pink Scarf
Smart Green Scarf
Yellow Tough Scarf

*Scarves add +1 Heart and +20 to its attribute in the Primary Round.
1 heart? Meaning everytime the Pokemon makes an appeal, it gets one heart extra?

Also: I just realized the max luster is not only based on the luster, it actually means the total attributes of that Pokemon. So let's say if my Milotic have ate 2 Pokeblocks, each one has a Luster of 38, Beauty of 64, Cuteness of 25, and Beauty is maxed out already. Each attributes can only have a max of 125, so if both Pokeblocks adds up to a Beauty of 128, does the extra 3 counts in the total luster Milotic have?
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