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Default Re: Mike's Reffing Book

Tamer San vs mlugia
2 vs 2
Stadium Rules
No items

Tamer started with Crobat, and Mana with Jumpluff. The battle we then saw was quite amazing. Combining Leech Weed, Attract, Sleep Powder and Luck, the Weed thing took down Crobat, who had resisted with Aerial Ace. Leech Weed put the Weed back at 100% though. Snorlax then came out, and Mana started again. Attract, Leech Weed, Sleep Powder, Luck, and this time the occasional Headbutt too brought down Snorlax to low healt. Snorlax was asleep for five turns, and could have had better luck with it's Sleep Talk. But it woke up, just in time to be able to faint the Weed. Or so we thought. Using Headbutt once more, the big bum flinched. But due to Weed's erm ... not-so-strong attack, another turn and chance was there for Snorlax. No flinch this time, but you'll guess it ... Attracted! Leaving Snorlax on 1,84%, Leech Weed did the rest.

Mana wins, and receives $1000 for becoming high while working.
Tamer loses, but receives $500 to become less sleepy, less weeded/seeded and a bit more lucky.

I should get $1000 for getting shot by Tamer after the battle.

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