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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Yeah actually. It was sitting amongst my DVDs for subbed anime for a while before I decided to watch it. It's like Star Ocean EX, still haven't watched it (along with Azumanga Daioh).

Title: Midori No Hibi
Read: All 8 volumes
Rating: Automatic Older Teen'd! (we've got some ecchi and some freaky Lucy hentai action YEA!)
Genre: romantic comedy

And this is all because Jet did it on the anime. I'd swear I probably rated this already too...


It's light-hearted and the graphics do not disappoint...probably better than that of its anime counterpart. Either way, the characters are lively drawn with little to complain about (except maybe if you're a hentai or something).



What Jet said, except throw in some alternate pathways to the end and a couple extra characters that make a difference in the manga.



Lucy = best in manga. Aside from that, the characters stay true to themselves.



Right hand as girlfriend....been there, done that.



I really liked this series itself, if not just attracted to Lucy's appearance. Either way, the manga stays true to itself and performs admirably. The Lucy hentai by the end of the series was "icing" on the cake. XD


39/50 or 7.8

Yay! With everything else dragging it down, the most important factor, enjoyment, earned full marks. So although it may be cliche, the characters may not be the best around, it's still a decent manga to pick up for a spin, with its light-heartedness (well until the end anyway).

IMO the manga is better than the anime, if not simply for the fact that Lucy's in the manga and not in the anime. Still, it's a strong manga that demands attention (and licensing...which it already is licensed).

- Kenny "The Lucy Fan" C.

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